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Zoom with Zoé 2022 Vlogs

June 24th

May 26th, 2022

Bartles are coming on Sunday to stay the night! Soccer for the Bartles ended well with everyone tying. Story from Trinidad about Bekah and an MK, Marko's reaction, the Lord's challenge to Marko to love him, the 10 mile run turning into 36 mile run over the mountains in Trinidad. Sayings from people you are close to, "You don't go to the fun you take it with you, "If you are bored its because you are boring." "You make the decision how you react to the circumstances.", "If it is worth doing it is worth doing well," "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Story of hiking a mountain in Trinidad with a visitor and facing a hidden camp. Buddy Olympics.

May 19th, 2022

May 12th, 2022

Cora's recent birthday, also Marko's (May the 4th be with you), kid's from the Philippines singing a greeting to him for his birthday, Patti preparing for a training and her absence concerning the mobile, being obedient to the prompting of the Lord (a missed opportunity to share a message, letting someone else win, working at a Christian Camp at 20 years old had a headache but lead to share) dying to your natural desires and obeying. Marko's brother Steve bought him to ask if the thought from yourself, the enemy, or the Lord? Marko asked those questions and realized going back to the campfire wasn't from himself or the enemy so he obeyed. Went back and found out a couple of campers wanted to respond to the invitation to receive Christ that evening at chapel but there weren't enough counselors available. What?! Are you kidding?! So Marko got to lead them to a personal relationship with Christ right there at the campfire. Following an impression to keep driving. Saw a mom and 2 daughters stranded on the roadside in the cold, able to help, shared his testimony, and she shared the mom had prayed to God asking Him to show that He is real. Another story about picking up a guy on the side of the road, sharing his testimony, and leading this guy to the Lord. New Zoe t-shirts.

May 5th, 2022

April 28th, 2022

April 21, 2022

Full schedule in Henderson, Marko is teaching at Allaso Ranch this week, having a driver is such a blessing getting charting done, successful day in Henderson, making plans for the mobile to continue while I am gone on the trip to the Philippines, meal program, Will's birthday today, newsletters, Marian Hungerford missionary in Cameroon Africa for over 40 years, we depart on Jun 1 at 4am, don't have a borrowed car yet for the NW, baptisms in the Philippines on Easter, Subangan, floating rink at Oaks Park it would be nice to do that at Subangan but anchor it so it doesn't float away, a typhoon that impacted Cagayan de Oro Evie's laptop survived on the air matress and tied a vehicle off to a pole and it didn't wash away, evacuating to higher ground and stronger buildings, women and children need to evacuate first, Patty, will, Debbie and Mel have all visited the Philippines. They all said visiting the Philippines changes your life (they are poor having a hard time putting food on the table but they are happy, it makes you see how much we really have, and you fall with the kids), Will said it woke him up to the reality of much of the rest of the world. So hot to sleep. Patty told of a cobra that got killed and taken to be eaten. Debbie's eye opener was how they didn't think ahead like over fishing their bay and not thinking about conservation. Patti said how much she appreciates Marko's skills at taking out dangerous snakes.

March 31, 2022

March  24, 2022

March 17th, 2022

Coaching basketball, working on the trail, power-washing the deck, Marko's back popping but tolerating longer and recovering faster, pacing himself. Patti is holding babies, giving medical advice, just hosted a big training, God has brought Patti to such a different wonderful place, where she is just flowing and not being stressed out. Patti talked about her fear of public speaking and how the Lord has done such a huge work in her, now she just rolls with it. Marko talked about the marriage group we got invited to and how Patti was Ok with Marko saying he had an idea about what to share but willing to just flow with it. And we did, and it turned out amazing, not because of prep but because of the Holy Spirit. Marko shared about how he use to get out when he was little. Shared about first cars and hoopties.

March 3rd, 2022

Mask mandates easing, weather in the NW, Texas weather whiplash, don't be good at anything you don't like LOL, Mark had stigmatism so he didn't see verticle smudges, Patti charting, long day because the patients came at the end of the day, God provided a Spanish translator, a Guatemala immigrant. Gillian joined us, customs/boarder control stories (USA, Trinidad, Nicarauga), American rights don't carry over the boarders, KFC in Trinidad, different English that you don't understand, Taxi etiquette don't use "yes or no" questions, taxi drivers are captive audience, Awanas and the kids understanding about being a missionary.

Feb 24th, 2022

 Feb 10th, 2022

Feb 3, 2022

Jan 23, 2022

Jan 6th, 2022

Wednesday, January 6, 2021


Zoom with Zo
é 2021

Dec 30th, 2021

White Christmas in the NW. Crazy extreme temps in Texas 80s and then down to 19. Snow-vid last year, Texas drivers in snow, and a snake in the snow. Completing freshman year of Ruth mobile services. Women are changing their minds and getting support locally, have scanned twins, update on the the club house (paint sprayer), camouflage, Marko teaches as they help work (the kids are invested), Marko helping a friend with her dogs that she breeds. Marko helping a friend develop his property for camping sites, our friend Kim recently let him know his outdoor classrooms he creating are in high use and they need more. Patti has had a little down time over the holidays, great meeting today, developing. a needed role for the mobile ministry. Kitty in the towel cupboard for most of the day. Though Subangan house and activity area was destroyed by the recent Typhoon, they are still meeting their for feeding, Bible study and play, which is really encouraging. $3000 bamboo house lasted 5 years and the area has over 62,000 people interactions which makes it completely worth the investment. They plan to build again.

Streaming the Christmas Eve Celebration Service in the Philippines. Kids told about earning "Buddy Bucks" for sending to the Philippines for them to have a Christmas party. They went caroling, built gingerbread houses and gave them away, the avalanche gingerbread was a piled up parts of gingerbread houses with powdered sugar on top, they decorated the Kenney house with Christmas decorations. made cut out snowflakes, all apart of Elf Olympics. Police at 2:30am in the morning. Then a gain a few days later. Called the Fatherheart House parents. Apparently part of being the first house on the property nearest the gate. Subangan after typhoon. Dogs wander in during church service, get use to it, but when have visitors it stands out again. Initiation of Maria dealing with a child with diarrhea. Free range dogs that are not owned nor pets become food in the Philippines. Different mindset from our American perspective related to food. It isn't wrong it is just different. Remember next week we will start an hour earlier. 

Dec 16th, 2021

Typhoon Rai (Odette) impact in the Philippines, flooding and wind destruction, evacuation from Pandan to the Church, bridges washed out, Annamae sick but stranded not able to return to work until bridges fixed. Great day on Ruth with 3 pregnancy tests and 4 ultrasounds and all the patients came because they saw Ruth in their Christmas parade. In another location 5 abortion minded ultrasounds, 3 are choosing to parent. Elf Olympics with Bartle kids, club house at the community with lots of kids and they have invested in the club house as well. Christmas in the Philippines.

Dec 9

Dec 2

Nov 21

Nov 18th, 2021

Nov 11, 2021

Nov 4, 2021

Oct 28,2021

Becky and Bill are buying a new house. We are fully settled into our place on the Living Alternatives campus, high winds today even going to our launch day in Henderson for Ruth, recent tornado watch, a friend's story survived a tornado but the house was gone. Typhoons in the Philippines high winds and monsoon rains and flooding, Marko would send us to evacuate to a safe place and men would stay back to keep boats from washing out, LivingWater sent a box to the Philippines, training/orientation for Living Alternative volunteers (9 for the mobile), scanning someone that has had a previous pregnancy loss and the anxiety (PTSD) that can be stirred up and support and referral offered, Marko volunteering with Awanas, progress on the club house, garage for Ruth having an electrician come for tomorrow to install RV shore power for winter coming. Experienced 3 falls in one year in 2020, leaving the NW going to Minnesota, then to Texas to make up for all the falls we missed in the Philippines.

Oct 21,2021

Oct 14, 2021

Oct 7, 2021

Aug  25,2021

Aug 4, 2021

July 21, 2021

June 9, 2021

Becky volunteering at Options for a diaper give-away, silly zoom backgrounds, Marko's trip to Oregon and finishing the bamboo bungalow, relationship and the memories it creates is the lasting important thing not the project itself, loved the team building experience it was, turned out well and has built Marko's confidence at what he can create and accomplish, good Star Wars geeking out time with Dain, he is recovering well from his surgery, Patti is still getting the mobile ready (it is getting wrapped now)


Belize water project with the Grove, Kim's update on Bekah at camp, promoted to leader, Mark growing up going to many camps because he was hard to handle as a kid (climbing trees and exploring), ran youth group like camp, over spring break Easter plays produced and rehearsed 24-7 til Easter, great memories, story of applying to work at Sky Ranch, working at Sky Ranch, leadership training field trips, bring a blessing, writing a camp song "Fine and Dandy", camping style experience has become a part of who we are and how we do ministry like in the Philippines in Pandan and in Nehemiah, we were campers at Hume Lake in the very beginning of our relationship, Marko's story of God's provision to go to Hume Lake and then a job opens up for him, Patti worked the next summer at Hume Lake, Patti got a 1 year scholarship at Hume Lake Christian Camps for Multnomah School of the Bible, married in nursing school, brief mobile update.

May 19th, 2021

Patti & Kim is not feeling well, Marko headed to Albany tomorrow, Bekah arrived in Texas and enjoying camp, Marko has worked with Kim at 3 different camps, Sam Barnhart has COVID please pray for him, Bekah has done really well in school, she applies knowledge well and interjects what she has learned in life, our family did an escape room challenge was so fun each with our own niche (we finished it well and were 7th one this year that successfully completed it), Worship Wash Wednesday fail, how you handle difficulties are important (don't leave Jesus behind), Marko flying into Eugene tomorrow, his host in Albany recently had an appendectomy, Zoe board members are going to come down to join Marko on the 22nd to work on the Bamboo Bungaloo, weather, secret door in the clubhouse with a rope to climb up to the next level, taking apart pallets for free wood, tower work leftovers, good problem of too many resources, Patti writing policies for the mobile clinic and being a people person.

May 12th, 2021

Karen's trip to Arizona, picking up Bekah this weekend at the airport to work this summer in Texas at camp, Marko has a trip to Bamboo Valley coming up, need for a public bathroom for the church in the Philippines, Subangan is going well, dike won't destroy Subangan activity area, projects that they city says they will do doesn't always happen. painting with the community kids on the club house here in Texas, high school youth group painting story at Faith in Portland more hours cleaning up after them and tracking paint on the carpet turned out to be my own shoe causing it, speck in other people's eyes is easier to see than when we have a plank in our own eye, scaffolding incidence, what we learn in the hard times God uses to bring about good and deepening character, challenging identity not about what you do but who you are, Mark's broken feet, loss of our first child at 5 months (21weeks) of pregnancy, Glorybabies (, people grieve differently (crying, talking about it vs not talking and wanting to fix things), a little bit in God's hands is better than a lot a bit in your hands, one stone in little David's hand took down a giant, a few loaves and fishes fed thousands.

April 28th, 2021

COVID tech boom makes thousands of miles away not feel so far, churches have grown with live streaming, now re-openning to meet in person and have grown, got the newsletter, blanket forts, change of address, cutting trail in Trinidad jungle, bamboo grows fast, killing poisonous snakes in Texas and the Philippines, pineapple fields, trading, computers arrived for students, online and module learning, internet receiver in our coconut tree needing regular adjustments, have been back 3 times since, borders closed for now, saying final good-byes and when you say them again it is all bonus, internet communication makes it better because we can video chat and send regular messages. Bekah is going to come to work this summer here in Texas at the near by christian camp. YEY!!! The mobile unit is in the repair shop.

April 14th, 2021   .   

March 24th, 2021.              


Mar 10,2021

Mar 3, 2021

February Video Blogs

Feb 17, 2021                

Feb 3, 2021    

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January Video Blogs

Jan 20, 2021

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Karen sharing with neighbor, building the doggie ramp, Marko twisted his back, stuck in downtown Port of Spain Trinidad so did some street preaching and sharing of our lunch, Deb recovering, bought a car for Marko, hoopty, God blessing with a french press, saved 2 lives. praying and sharing with patients, flooding in the Philippines.

Jan 14, 2021

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"It seemed like a good idea."      

Jan 6, 2021

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Finishing up with quarantine, feeling better just tired, going to Dallas tomorrow, orientation this weekend, picture in a cloud in India, musical feet with street kid camp in India, treating lice, living with lice keeping them at bay, sleeping under a house on mountain outreach in the Philippines, Marko's song "My Ameoba," fresh news Philippines locking down more to foreigners because of second strain of COVID, vaccine plan.