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Zoom with Zoé 2024 Vlogs

Feb 29, 2024 LEAP DAY!

Marko's wallet gone (stolen?) in the Philippines, miracle return. Marko and Raymund at a confernce in Manila and very encouraged. Update on Patty T and her treatments and Becky's mother in law. Talked about Compassion feeding and Subangan feeding. 

Feb 15, 2024

Feb 1, 2024

Great day on Ruth, wonderfully too many volunteers and volunteers in training. Changed a mind. Mosquito River and the Shnookems Hotel. Our anniversary weekend, Awana Pinewood Derby and a cold Ruth day with 8 appts on the schedule.

Jan 25, 2024

Jan 18, 2024

Thursday, April 13, 2023


Zoom with Zoé 2023 Vlogs

Dec 28, 2023

Dec 21, 2023

Nov 9, 2023

Sept 14, 2023

Sept 7,2023

Aug 24, 2023

Aug 17, 2023

Aug 10, 2023

July 13, 2023

July 6, 2023

June 29, 2023

June 22,2023

Marko starting the meeting, sharing about the Child Evangelism Prep and building relationship with Taden and learning ukulele and can roll with Marko's humor. A team from Hawaii working with the kids in the Philippines, (send good American latex balloons in LBC boxes), Marko showing the Philippines dancing at a song-time during outreach, Marko working on songs for Awana and it can grow into what his heart is for the kids in the Philippines being able to sing in Visayan. Need to make a different door related to the the Daycare Center. Radar the dog of the Tyrrell's recognizes Marko's voice. Little pet talk. Starwars scared a dog, Darth Vaders voice made him hide. Patti had someone she was concerned might be trafficked. One year anniversary of overturn of Roe, Marko volunteered caught on video, LOL. Difference between trafficking here and sexual abuse in the Philippines and the legal system and bribery in under-developed nations in poverty. Using A21 wordless books about trafficking in the Philippines that we gave Annamae (social worker to get the local contact numbers, we have it at Subangan and have shared with other social workers). A movie "Sound of Freedom" coming out on July 4th on trafficking by the people that produced the Chosen.

June 15, 2023

Here is a list of things to send to the Philippines in the LBC boxes
1. Used shoes no larger than a Men's 9 or a womens 7.5 
2. Used laptops 
3. Triple antibiotic ointment
4. the generic Dramamine for motionsickness
5. Generic Tums
6. Generic Ibuprofen
7. MultiVitamins kids and adults (the best ones for the humidity are gummy)
8. Diabetic supplies cheap monitor from Walmart with strips.
9. Azo urinary OTC treatment with the phenazopyrdine as the active ingredient.
10. Monistat generic
11. Corn pads and wart remover
12. Fungal nail treatment
13. Waterproof bandaids and fabric bandaids
14. number 2 pencils (theirs break often)
15. Crayola crayons (there's are super waxy)
16. Ziplocks

June 8, 2023

June 1, 2023

Unity and Teamwork, talents and gifts, showing Marko's building in the back, Patti sharing a salvation story on board Ruth. 

May 25th, 2023

We have adjusted to the time zone, enjoying the long days of summer that have started. Becky's LBC box has arrived in the Philippines yesterday. The Grove shoe drive shoes will be distributed there soon and pictures to follow. They will also be grateful for the medicine that was included. Patti has joined the online Bible study with Grove women, have enjoyed Christee, Tricia, and Connie and going through John. Bible Study Fellowship both Becky and the Tyrrells are active in and will be studying John soon.  Marko took a call from Raymund and the guys right now in the Philippines. Their report now that it has been going for 3+ weeks now is that they are serving more kids and moms than before in a more concentrated location, but they were ready for that.  It is more central in the village of Pandan.  

May 18th, 2023

May 11th, 2023

May 5, 2023

April 28, 2023

April 21, 2023

Update on the progress of the playground. Mel is recovering from his foot surgery with a good report from he doctor. Crazy weather in the NW. Fully recovered from the flower reaction. Annamae is in Palawan at a Medical Social Work conference. IMJ, and human trafficking in the Philippines, posted an article on FB on a Philippine legislative committee concerning the black market for organ transplants from poor children to wealthy nations. Marko is up in the mountain to get bamboo with Allen, pastor Ben's son, preparing for a volunteer work day for the village tomorrow. Don't know what volume will turn out. Trying to prepare for that. And a new diabetic patient going to help get further evaluation. Marko has been busy making things happen, and pacing himself taking brakes. Becky will follow up with the Grove. Marko is repurposing wood from broken boats for shelves and benches. Hope has come.

April 14, 2023

April 7, 2023

Mar 31, 2023

March 2, 2023

Feb 16, 2023

Feb 9, 2023

Feb 2, 2023

Jan 26, 2023

Jan 19, 2023

Jan 12, 2023

Jan 5, 2023

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Zoom with Zoé 2022 Vlogs


Zoom with Zoé 2022 Vlogs

Dec 22, 2022

Cold weather across the USA. Introducing Maddy (Sandra) to our regular Zoomers: Mel & Debbie, Becky, and Will & Patty and how we all know each other.  Story of our wedding. Pastor Richard and the church for free, Paul sang, Pam decorated, cost of flowers (Sam covered it), cake for a gift, Mark S shoot video for free, Todd played piano, no photographer so we asked a bunch friends to shoot photos for us, rings we bought at the Beaver Trading Post. small and then grew,  No honeymoon, went to the "Honeycomb Hide out", returned gifts that were duplicate to get a half fridge the following day. Met Maria on Monday when returned to school. The story of Mark's dad, 11th hour salvation, All of Patti's family is still alive and what a blessing that is (both parents are in their 80s and doing well). Cold is relative. Made a Buddy Olympics photo frame, all the decorations and furniture in our house are donated  

Dec 15, 2022

Dec 9, 2022

Patti's parents brought the newsletter to the Tyrrells, mom would visit aunt Florence in Vancouver and then when she moved to assisted care in Portland, and bring her fresh fruit. Elf Olympics is based o the Elf movie, we will celebrate with the Bartle family they will come over and stay the night. Christmas decorations up. Our snowman in Stanfeld "Fallen and can't get up" just built it knocked down. JT old youth pastor always set times to remember like 7:17, still remember it today. We have arranged a live video that corresponds with the Bartles stay with the kids in Subangan. Will have a Christmas Party at Subangan this year. Just served in Marshall and did 5 ultrasounds. All changed their minds but one (who later decided to keep her baby). Harder ultrasounds when they are so early, more meticulous and time consuming. Marko has been asked to do small group leader in Awana and to do songs with the kids. He did well and is asked to continue. Trinidad Movie making (Bekah in My Arms), Trinidad flat frog songs, Bekah interested in the decaying cow. Becky is recovering from a back injury and the Tyrrells are recovering from COVID.

Nov 17, 2022

Nov 10, 2022

Tornado weather in Canton, TX while Marko was going to a play that he is in, sirens went off, at large farmers market, took shelter, people went out to look, and some went into the bathrooms, the building rumbled. Reminded us of being in the Philippines and telling people to evacuate for a possible tsunami, and instead of running to higher ground they run to the see to watch for it. YIKES! Tornado story. Marko is in s play, sub-culture at the farmers market. Patti served in Marshall, and unusual day, one sent to the ER, the other appeared to have an ectopic she sent on to her doctor. Bekah doesn't think she is good in Spanish even though Senior year she got "Best in Spanish" award, but she says she's not because she is not immersed to where she thinks and dreams in the other language like she experienced in the Philippines. Marko is building a deck with repurposed wood that he has salvaged from the burn pit for a nice outdoor space to enjoy our backyard. Times we have been first responders. Patti differing construction medical care to Marko removing a fish-hook from a finger and a ring from a hand that the finger was injured and swilling. Marko reducing his own fractures.

Nov 3, 2022

Patti just got home from working in Henderson, Becky just hurt her back, and just saw Will Shepy a Christian accupuncturist in Albany, YEY!  Marko assisting the Awana game leaders at our church here in Texas, really fun for him, and now he is helping them with their theater group and in their play this weekend. He is in a sword fight and has one line. He is casted to be Scrooge next month! Patti shares about her awesome day, how the Lord provided the right staff, and a patient gave her life to Jesus. Training people to serve Lindale. Bombings in Dallas, New York, Portland after the leak of the recent Supreme Court decision, so we hired security for a season. So Marko is now volunteering as security for Ruth. He got to witness a previous client come and tank us.  He stopped something from happening. He also wants to minister to the homeless that may be outside while he is there.  Then we can go on a date afterwards since we are in the big city of Tyler 😉.  Debbie did security at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland back in Marko's BC days when he was hanging out down there. Authority vs Power.

Oct 27, 2022

Oct 13, 2022

Becky joins with her beautiful garden back yard that they have worked hard at to make since they moved into their new house and enjoying an nice Indian summer. Becky was so surprised to see how green East Texas is. Marko shared a video with Becky of him pulling in returning home after the long drive trip from the NW. Patti hosted the Zoom meeting last week from Ruth on the way home, but it dropped at the end so it wasn't recorded to upload here. He has recovered well. He got to spend time with Jack and Darlene and stayed the night, they donated a bunch of stuff. The Bartles got to share about their trip to Florida and Alaska. Fire on Living Alternatives property, 2 sheds were lost, grateful it wasn't worse. All the little tings matter and add up. The hammer story in Nasuli in the Philippines and Nehemiah came into "occupy" during a possible hostile transition. God sent rain and took care of it. A little bit is better than nothing. Smaller is an opportunity to go deeper. Trying to get a residence visa for Philippines. Living Alternatives Banquet, Marko got to attend, his impression.

Oct 6, 2022

Sept 29, 2022

Sept 22, 2022

Sharing of a lot of good news, a patient who was wanting an abortion changed her mind after seeing her baby through ultrasound and she gave her life to Christ, follow up on 5 from December that have all delivered and are parenting, Marko visited Bekah, then got really sick and with lots of prayer and supplements and rest took a turn and recovered as rapidly as it hit him, this took place at Mama Gloria's, after his full day of recovery then he looked like he had a good time at Mama Gloria and Steve's place, then he picked up a hitch-hiker on the way to Fresno and got to minister to him (please pray for Guy), and now he is in Clovis California staying with his friend Bernie from Hume Lake when they were 19, then we talked about random places we have done zoom meetings, bible studies, Annamae is joining my church in Texas online bible study and so is Leizel in the Philippines, told a little of Leizel's story.

Sept 15, 2022

Sept 8, 2022

Aug 25th, 2022

Marko is in Portland staying at the Fishers right now, taking down the boys' club house he built years ago, redesigning one for girl grand daughters, car appointments are almost done on the new donated vehicle, spoke at a little bible study last night at a home group gathering at the Fishers, Patti had a full day of ultrasounds on Tuesday back in Athens Texas, now Ruth is in the shop getting the awning worked on so services got cancelled for Thursday, all Staff YWAM party on Wednesday nurse consultation of staff while there, Melody and Keith Green history and owning this property, tract from Last Days Ministries "Why go to the Mission Field" impacted Patti, and their ministry impacted both Marko and Patti in our early Jesus following years, impact of Jesus on all of our marriages, and Patti's testimony.

Sept 2, 2022

Marko is hosting, had a wild storm in Henderson just blow through and have the volunteers to come on board, our security radioed in and asked if we were ok because the lightning was everywhere.  He was watching from a truck in the parking lot. He told us that no one should leave the mobile. Our canopy blew away and wrapped around a telephone pole. The driver on the way home offered to buy a replacement for Saturday's services.  He is such a blessing.  The automatic awning has been a problem and been in the shop and they haven't been able to Gert to it. Marko talked about Samson the dog that he tied one time to a ladder. The 2 clients she saw, one was a 17 yo that walked across the southern Texas boarder in January. She was negative and Spanish speaking only.  Then talked about another client we saw earlier this week. She to walked across the Mexico border 6 months ago. She has no family in the area.  So she came to tell us that she miscarried over the weekend. We were able to love on her and minister to her. Marko talked about Patti helping start Glory Babies a support group in Tyler. Now there is a Children's Park in Tyler to celebrate life. Marko is in house-sitting dog-sitting and yard watering in Portland.and working at revising the boy's kid club house from over a decade ago to a little girls playhouse. Talked about the Carr family our friends that had an Extreme Home Makeover.

Aug 12, 2022

Aug 4, 2022

Patti just got home, kinda crazy busy day of services since there were no other appointment trained volunteers but needed a chaperone minimally, couldn't gat any of my trained volunteers. then brought a school counselor as a fill in, Scanned a large girl that was in denial over her pregnancy and was way further  than she realized, and had my first abortion minded patient post Roe v Wade patient, and then a delightful patient to end the day on. "Music for the children" project idea, the Filipino kids sing songs they don't understand (non-native tongue like English or Tagolog). Subangan put up tres today for play, big slipper story and race.

Adjusting and rested. The Ruth team did well in Patti's absence. Marko doing projects from repurposed wood. Ruth ministry is established for this time that RvWade is over-turned. God is good. Marko is hoping to get a hot tub for his pain in the winter. Trip to Oregon coming, getting the vehicle the first night, wedding in Turner, Gunstones, Tyrrells, Church service, Zoe board meeting, then Marko will visit Bekah, Stanfield Church, then Patti fly home. Simple staying in the Philippines, sleeping on a mat on the floor, electric, short toilets and flushing, Becky will host us on the 13th evening after the wedding. Fatherheart update. Grove update, James had COVID, leak in the walls. Mark tells a story about accidentally flooding New Song Church when he was 20. The next one who got the job he trained them to hold a knob so he wouldn't leave it unattended. He figured it out and in a couple weeks he too flooded the church. Marko and I got married there, married and buried his brother and his mother.


July 22, 2022

Just returned from the Philippines to Texas. First day back on the mobile busy. One year celebration in Athens. Napping from jet lag. Flights and more flights. Last Zoom with Zoe was in Manila with Mel and Debbie only. Our flight got cancelled for Friday and got rescheduled for Saturday. Lost our booked hotel in SFO, but still made our connecting flight to DFW. Found a place in the airport that no one was at where we laid down to seat. The TSA officer on break there told us that the day before the international side of SFO was evacuated for a bomb. That would be there reason our flight was cancelled. The Philippines was A LOT, hot and sweaty, it was harder than we remember. Luggage in Manila was 3 days late in arriving. Stayed at the Nazarene Bible Seminary in Manila. Brought them equipment, explained Jesus Film Project. Flew in to Cagayan de Oro, saw Annamae and Alexa, visited Nehemiah House. Things have grown and doing well. A sweet farewell service. Steven and Nedy are a big part of leading the growth. John Visser is donating his Tahoe to the ministry. So Marko will get it in Washington and will drive it back to Texas. New addition to the house Marti the cat. LBC storage in the Philippines (sent in 2020 now opening them July 2022) scary with cockroaches, rats, bugs and feces. Everything smelled like pee. Marko took care of that while Patti went to see Christine to surprise her for her high school graduation. Things we thought had washed away were in the boxes. So it was a blessing to find some supplies we sent in 2020.

July 15, 2022

Zoom with Zoe with Mel and Deb only as they are on the road in their DIY tear drop trailer. Recap on recent Philippine trip.

June 30th, 2022 (July 1 in the Philippines)

June 24th

June 16, 2022

We are in SanFransico waiting to board for Manila, waiting behind the security cart. Our final meeting was with a Philippine Group. They just saw "A Matter of Life" and they were moved and wondering how to be involved, and when Patti shared about what she is doing with the mobile in East Texas, it touched their hearts and realized they can be involved through us. They gave a financial blessing. They gave us extra gifts to bring. The baggage blessing story. Got to pray for Dain and his new cancer diagnosis. Our accountant joined us for a little while and so did our missions pastor Roland from our church in Texas. Story about traveling to Trinidad and Tobago with our extra bags with bibles. Story about breaking a toe before a trip and what a blessing it turned out to be. Story about Nicaragua. Our plans in the Philippines.

May 26th, 2022

Bartles are coming on Sunday to stay the night! Soccer for the Bartles ended well with everyone tying. Story from Trinidad about Bekah and an MK, Marko's reaction, the Lord's challenge to Marko to love him, the 10 mile run turning into 36 mile run over the mountains in Trinidad. Sayings from people you are close to, "You don't go to the fun you take it with you, "If you are bored its because you are boring." "You make the decision how you react to the circumstances.", "If it is worth doing it is worth doing well," "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Story of hiking a mountain in Trinidad with a visitor and facing a hidden camp. Buddy Olympics.

May 19th, 2022

May 12th, 2022

Cora's recent birthday, also Marko's (May the 4th be with you), kid's from the Philippines singing a greeting to him for his birthday, Patti preparing for a training and her absence concerning the mobile, being obedient to the prompting of the Lord (a missed opportunity to share a message, letting someone else win, working at a Christian Camp at 20 years old had a headache but lead to share) dying to your natural desires and obeying. Marko's brother Steve taught him to ask if the thought from yourself, the enemy, or the Lord? Marko asked those questions and realized going back to the campfire wasn't from himself or the enemy so he obeyed. Went back and found out a couple of campers wanted to respond to the invitation to receive Christ that evening at chapel but there weren't enough counselors available. What?! Are you kidding?! So Marko got to lead them to a personal relationship with Christ right there at the campfire. Following an impression to keep driving. Saw a mom and 2 daughters stranded on the roadside in the cold, able to help, shared his testimony, and she shared the mom had prayed to God asking Him to show that He is real. Another story about picking up a guy on the side of the road, sharing his testimony, and leading this guy to the Lord. New Zoe t-shirts.

May 5th, 2022

April 28th, 2022

April 21, 2022

Full schedule in Henderson, Marko is teaching at Allaso Ranch this week, having a driver is such a blessing getting charting done, successful day in Henderson, making plans for the mobile to continue while I am gone on the trip to the Philippines, meal program, Will's birthday today, newsletters, Marian Hungerford missionary in Cameroon Africa for over 40 years, we depart on Jun 1 at 4am, don't have a borrowed car yet for the NW, baptisms in the Philippines on Easter, Subangan, floating rink at Oaks Park it would be nice to do that at Subangan but anchor it so it doesn't float away, a typhoon that impacted Cagayan de Oro Evie's laptop survived on the air matress and tied a vehicle off to a pole and it didn't wash away, evacuating to higher ground and stronger buildings, women and children need to evacuate first, Patty, will, Debbie and Mel have all visited the Philippines. They all said visiting the Philippines changes your life (they are poor having a hard time putting food on the table but they are happy, it makes you see how much we really have, and you fall with the kids), Will said it woke him up to the reality of much of the rest of the world. So hot to sleep. Patty told of a cobra that got killed and taken to be eaten. Debbie's eye opener was how they didn't think ahead like over fishing their bay and not thinking about conservation. Patti said how much she appreciates Marko's skills at taking out dangerous snakes.

March 31, 2022

March  24, 2022

March 17th, 2022

Coaching basketball, working on the trail, power-washing the deck, Marko's back popping but tolerating longer and recovering faster, pacing himself. Patti is holding babies, giving medical advice, just hosted a big training, God has brought Patti to such a different wonderful place, where she is just flowing and not being stressed out. Patti talked about her fear of public speaking and how the Lord has done such a huge work in her, now she just rolls with it. Marko talked about the marriage group we got invited to and how Patti was Ok with Marko saying he had an idea about what to share but willing to just flow with it. And we did, and it turned out amazing, not because of prep but because of the Holy Spirit. Marko shared about how he use to get out when he was little. Shared about first cars and hoopties.

March 3rd, 2022

Mask mandates easing, weather in the NW, Texas weather whiplash, don't be good at anything you don't like LOL, Mark had stigmatism so he didn't see verticle smudges, Patti charting, long day because the patients came at the end of the day, God provided a Spanish translator, a Guatemala immigrant. Gillian joined us, customs/boarder control stories (USA, Trinidad, Nicarauga), American rights don't carry over the boarders, KFC in Trinidad, different English that you don't understand, Taxi etiquette don't use "yes or no" questions, taxi drivers are captive audience, Awanas and the kids understanding about being a missionary.

Feb 24th, 2022

 Feb 10th, 2022

Feb 3, 2022

Jan 23, 2022

Jan 6th, 2022