Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Letter to You...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for your prayers and your support over the past 12 years. We are currently in Tyler, Texas on sabbatical after finishing our goals and vision in the Philippines. Before we left the Philippines to come to the United States, our house was destroyed by fire along with several in our village. All of our personal belongings, including personal mementos from our families and trips, songs that have been written, diaries and other deep personal things were destroyed. So all of our mementos and our belongings are gone. Mark’s injuries have been adding up and need to be taken care of. He was building a playground for an orphanage and a large rock fell on his neck some years ago. The end of 2014 he was heading up into the mountains for a outreach to a rural village with bibles for distribution and had a motorcycle accident and was seriously injured. We have now come back to the United States for medical care, healing, recovery, and planning the next step of our ministry. 

Mark is working with Dr. David Carney, an orthopedic surgeon in Tyler, Texas and just had a knee arthroscopy that they corrected a few things. Dr. Charles Gordon, a neurosurgeon at Precision Spine Care in Tyler is evaluating of some of Mark’s health problems as a result of a neck injury. We are also working with Dr Charles Fries a Christian counselor, who is helping us debrief and transition to this new season in our life.

While navigating this season here in the U.S. we have good news, the ministry in the Philippines continues.  The rebuilding of the 9 houses that burned down has continued, bible studies, preaching, youth ministry, and the activity area continues to be open daily.  We are in contact every other day and still supporting families, students, and ministries that we have raised up. There is even reports of spiritual great-grand children now. God is amazing.

We are asking for your prayers for healing, for guidance of those who are medically treating us and helping us to recover, and that God would grant us wisdom and direction. So please consider on going financial support for the ministries in the Philippines and our medical expenses and state side expenses. After all of that is done, what is next? We want to visit churches, sponsors, and supporters and continue to support the work that you have helped start in the Philippines. After that we will see, but only as we walk through this next door. Please keep us in your prayers and we appreciate your kind and helpful support. Thank you for your amazing love during this time.

Love and blessings to you all,

Mark, Patti and Bekah