Thursday, January 19, 2017

Winter Here and There

A lot has happened since our arrival in Oregon.  With the 3 surgeries, 5 incisions, 2 spinal injections behind us we have settled where Bekah has been attending school. We are daily focusing on rehab and recovery in order to get better in this season. We are reflecting and gathering old memories and working on documenting our life and story of following Jesus.  We have been traveling most weekends to connect with friends and family. Have had fun with a few rounds of snow since styling here.


In the Philippines all of the houses that were destroyed and damaged by fire have been rebuilt or repaired!!! 

The unfortunate thing is Agape house (ministry house) has been damaged. A flash flood swelled the river higher than it has been the entire time we have been there from monsoon rains that happened on Jan 16th, 2017. It was sunny in the morning and then unexpectedly in the afternoon the downpour started and continued. By night fall it washed away the sand under the house and now it is completely tilted into the river. The good news is it didn’t wash out to sea.
So there is a lot of good materials there. So we can rebuild on higher ground and start over again. So our greatest need is finances to hire workers. Right now there are volunteers doing it but it would be greatly appreciated if we could pay them. We don’t have finances for that right now. Could you help us out? Can mail a check to 
Zoe International Ministries
1026 Pruitt Place
Tyler, TX 75703
or you can use PayPal through our website...
Thank you!!!