Monday, June 1, 2015

Back in the Philippines

     Bringing all of the gifts, luggage, and other "stuff" were not the only things we brought back as we arrived safely in the Philippines, ( 4 flights and 2 days later).  I noticed a shipping container of emotions and memories in my heart and mind.  What just happened?  My daughter is now enrolled in school in America and is living with family and starting her freshman year in high school.  We visited
many friends, family, and churches and were given more love, blessing, and patience than any person on this third rock from the sun deserves.  It was a crazy, stupid, ridiculously humbling experience, to be loved on that much.
     We saw hundreds of decisions people made to get closer to God as we were sensitive in what to share at each place. Many times the message had nothing to do with awareness of "our" mission rather than the mission at hand, to care for those directly in front of you. God was faithful and powerful in backing up his Word and touching lives. He, only He, gets all the credit.
     So it is time to look forward and leave the past behind but can't help but feel like our life went through God's episode of "Extreme Heart Makeover: Lifetime Edition", and things will never be the same.  Thank God!!!