Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eebbie Jeebbies

All the little things that many people think are strange or gross end up being normal or just apart of the culture depending on where you live. Here in the Philippines getting lice is very normal in our village, and if you are hugging and loving on kids it happens quite often. A day with ants in your food, cockroaches running over head, with the lizard in the corner, and a dead rat by your bedroom door is somewhat common.  That does not happen most days, at the same time but it has happened. You know what? God gives you the grace to handle it, doesn't mean you still don't get the eebbie jeebbies, but He helps you. And one day you wake up and you don't  care; it just is. His grace is sufficient.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Others Reaching Others

Its such an honor, and glory to God, to watch people that you have raised up. To watch God move in their lives and for them to began their own bible studies because they are leading others to Jesus, it is totally exciting. When I think about it, that is the way it should be. One day, Lord willing, one or more of the people from that group will began teaching and loving another group. One of the few jobs that you try to work your way out of your job. It will really never happen until Jesus comes back because as I look across the field, it is white for harvest and that is where we will go. Until then we are so proud of them. We have two leading this study,  (Johcery, the one standing in the back, and Dario in the blue) which started Johcery sharing with her family and others have started from our street outreach. What a joy to be apart of God's math, and He gets the glory.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


  Making the ordinary fun, two of the guys I am teaching and mentoring, wanted to help me get water from the pump (the kind like on Little House and the Prarie).  Usually it takes around 45 minutes to fill up our water containers.  So I said, "Let's do it Star Wars style!"  Even though they were a little embarrassed, we did it, and had a great time.  We asked everyone we passed, "Where's your helmet?" and then warmed them that the enemy was coming out of hyper-space.  We had fun being goofy, and including others in it.  In the end we took a normal ordinary activity, and made it into a life long memory.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the sun, sharing the Son, because it needs to be done. Were making the area bigger to do more things. Play, talk, laugh, and sing. Bigger court, with teams that I teach. That I am making them great, would be a reach. More families, more people, all want to come because... remember, its more fun, at Subangan ( | Sue-'bong-on | ).