Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Safe Place to Play

A safe place to play is important but there are not a lot of options so we started building out own. We use what ever we can find.  Now we do this for two reasons.  One, is to show them it is not about money.  Two, it is to empower them and to show them that what you have is more important than what you don't have.  So this big boat anchor rope washed up and now it is a swing.  Here is a mama watching her child swing for the first time.

                Here are kids playing on a bamboo jungle gym

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Matthew 11:12

Just like anywhere in the world there are bad things that happen.  It is different though when it is next to your house or to your friends.  When we first moved here a man that was older, he was dying and decided to take people with him.  He walked through the next village and started stabbing people. Four people died and seven injured.  It was a tragic and shocking event.  That mentality is my hope and prayer to aggressively love and reach out and bring as many people with to us to heaven because we are all dying.  That urgency can be done with fun and love, but it still needs to be a focus and with the reality of it all.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Helpers Amongst Us

It is so exciting to see our help whole heartedly with abandon, teach the children about the love of JESUS.  EVERY night we feed 25 to 40 kids. In that time we try to get in a greeting, manners, one blessing that happened to you, and a short bible study in their language.  She sometimes interprets for us but now the evening feedings are mostly her.  She lets a small group in at a time, prays with them, feeds them, and teaches them.  Then when they are done the next batch comes in.  She does this voluntarily on her own.  She is amazing and the kids are growing. Thank you Lord

Saturday, August 15, 2015


This is an amazing journey that always starts with friendship and turns into love.  Love that cares about how much food they have or if the need medicine or a tooth pulled.  Through love comes the desire that you want them to have the most precious thing in your life.  And that is knowing and loving God, His ways, and His purpose.  So when they do ask Jesus into their heart, to forgive their sins, the next step is Baptism.  We have had the privilege of being involved with many kids and adults on the way to being discipled.  I never take it for granted how big a deal it is and how much of a privilege it is, and God in all He's mercy gets the credit and glory.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

To Live Where You Work

To live where you work, there have been many different feelings and approaches to this thought.  When you live as a missionary, which I believe we are all given that title and mission when we accept to Love God and Love others.  But when you come into a village, as a missionary, and live side-by-side with the people you share with at church and in bible study, a whole new aspect emerges.  I have learned to be real and honest because perfection is first of all not real (at least for me), and how you handle problems and struggles many times ministers louder than words.  I would say it is easer to work some where and travel home.  But having your home be your work brings extra work and extra blessing, and there is no hiding.  In the end of the day when you make it through, God gets all the credit.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Other Important Things

Along with doing feedings, clothe drives, medical, speaking and bible studies, we also try to do a number of things to inspire and create a new vision in their lives.  Many people do not think these things are important and truth be told, they are not as important.  But I believe that they are important, just not as important, but that does not take away their worth.  So we offer up different activities.  We have a guitar class, dance, arts and crafts, swimming and snorkeling, basketball, volleyball, etc.  I feel it is important to give each person a chance for trying something new or to follow a passion. Raising money for some of these things does not go so well because these things are not as important.  When I see the child get lost in the activity and enjoying life, I see that these things are of value and  I will continue to create these opportunities to the Glory of God.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Our Family

When you look at our family, it is not the conventional one.  It is Mark, Patti, our biological daughter Bekah.  Then first to come join our family was Annamae.  We worked in an orphanage-girls home for a couple of years and met Annamae there.  She joined us when she became pregnant, we saw her through pre-term labor an delivery of her daughter Alexa.  Then two neglected sisters we took in because of their great need for regular meals, parental supervision, protection, emotional bonding, and education. The youngest sister has also now joined us.  This is a voluntarily arrangement, and the mother regularly comes to visit them and spend time with them.  We try to teach by example to her what healthy parenting looks like.  The mama is special needs (deaf-mute).  Although challenging, seeing them grow and mature has become a delight.   So here is a little video to meet the family.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Medical Outreaches

Just got back from 3 day medical trip away in the big city 3 hours away.  One of our teen neighbors injured his back doing tumbling tricks. He had instant swelling, and some numbness and tingling to his legs.  Got him to the hospital and Pastor Ben his daughter and Steven came by to visit and prayed for healing.  Actually we all had been praying a lot for healing.  But it was at that moment that the numbness and tingling went away.  We got him transferred and had the appropriate diagnostic imaging, and he has a fracture to L1 L2, but praise God no paralysis.  When I go with a patient, there is a lot of waiting involved, talking to doctors and advocating for the best care we can get them.  There are other patients a round and many people we come into contact with during these medical trips, always many opportunities to be a light and try to stir up conversations about Christ.  During this I was overseeing 4 other patients, which is quite common.
Here is Anjo and we had many opportunities to talk about the Lord and Him calling Anjo to himself.  I am wiped. Glad to be home. But really glad Anjo is ok.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Life and Death

A bit overwhelmed with difficult medical situations lately.  One 35yo male neighbour had bad results of an ultrasound showing cancer in 4 major organs.  Another 34yo female with acsities (a big fluid filled abdomen) that shows ovarian cancer, one lady in her 50's with stage 4 breast cancer, a sister who's in her 30's of one of my ladies in biblestudy with end stage kidney failure.  Then 2 resent obstetrical emergencies. And have been working up 3 others for surgery that are non-emergant.  And many come for a free check-up daily, receive treatment, and prayer and recover. 

But the good news is one who had hyperthyroid is now ok.  And the obstetrical emergencies survived.  And got to share the Good News of Jesus with most of them.  One terminal patient really seemed to genuinely embrace Jesus.  He cried and said he felt lighter after praying.  The physical is important, but the spiritual is more important.  We are not living for here.  We were designed for eternity.  He has made the Way.  We can overcome through Him.